A story about a game.


A story about a man going to Maybe Paris to maybe find a Wizard, who might give him something to do that will determine the fate of humanity. He's not sure and he is sweating.


I have updated the website a bit! I have been busy with university so I have not had the time to work on the website or LW much. But I have a bit of a break now so there might be more progress on that coming.


A thing I hate is that I am unable to follow through with projects that I start. This is something I am bad at, but you never get better if you don't try again even if you failed many many times before. Crab RPG the initial conceit of this website is way behind what I ever wanted it to be. I will try to add more to it but this website is not built well to present it in the initial way I had intended. I might need to learn how to program better, or think of a new way of doing it. In the mean time since I have been stressed and worried I started to write another story called Liberty Withstanding to express some frustrations. I like it and think its fun to write, it might even be fun to read.