<CJ> Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck oh shit! 
<KU> what? 
<CJ> I finnaly did it! 
<KU> you got it working???  
<CJ> YES! See I told you the 6th driver would do the trick. 
<KU> tbh im just surprised you did not brink your pc 
<CJ> This thing? Nah its like Mr. Burns so clogged up with malware, trojans and viruses they practically started fighting eachother. Fighting for dominance like some kind of fucked up digitized medieval Europe. Cutting out and claiming micro fiefdoms on the memory cards. There is constant and unstopped violence and war. The casualty rate: Incalculable.  
<KU> i get it! we gonna play or what?  
<CJ> Yea yea, we have waited long enough.